Monday, September 01, 2008

San Diego Catholic Homeschool Growing Strong

Saturday night Lorraine was the Hostess at a beautiful evening for San Diego Catholic Homeschool Moms.

24 moms arrived with delicious desserts. Everyone mingled while snacking.

Singing & prayers preceded the Beautiful Litany found in
Alice Gunther's Book: Haystack Full of Needles.

Each mom read 2 verses.

We each introduced ourselves and how many children we had. Then we announced 2-3 JOYS of homeschooling and 1 challenge. Most told of their childrens' grade levels and if they were with any ISP, PSP or Charter school or not.

Over all we have over 30 Catholic Homeschool families with over 130 children. With the announcement of at least 4 more on the way!!

If you are in San Diego and wish to JOIN us in our Haystack full of Needles..... email me

Check out the Web Page --

or email us at SanDiegoCatholicHomeschool @ gmail . com (take out the spaces)

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