Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Liaison Capitol Hill - Our hotel in DC

Photos of our hotel..... The Liaison Capitol Hill. On the right side is the Art & Soul restaurant with the red chairs and umbrellas out front.

We were very happy with the price I was able to get.... $139 a night through
AAA was getting us an average of $345 and I cancelled that after finding the other.
It was nerve racking to trust that it would be a good hotel in a good location. But I kept coming back to it and it turned out my intuition was good. When I found on a map that the Hyatt was across the street that helped a lot.
I had found it earlier in my hotel search for $149 a night and they offered a Kids travel special for $199 night - that mysteriously went up a couple days later to $299 a night -- but then couldn't find that 149 rate again. So we booked the rate with AAA and then I checked and they link you to the and I got the $139 rate.
AAA could not match it so I grabbed it. I had to pay the 3 nights right then, but that was 1/2 the price of the AAA and it guaranteed that we would have a hotel room as soon as we arrived.

The neighborhood was safe, not excellent, but with the fire station next door I felt safer.
Over the 3 nights I only heard the fire engine twice. The worst noise was someone taking out the trash to the dumpsters around 11 p.m. each night.

Across the street is the Hyatt - where I'm standing to take these pictures.
Right next door............... the brick building is a Fire Station.
Next over is a Liquor store that also has lots of drinks, snacks & a deli.
We were able to get water, chocolate milk, OJ and single servings of cereal there a couple days of our trip.
Diagonally across the street from the Deli is a Starbucks.

We were able to walk from our Hotel to Union Station to eat - it has Amtrack & Metro downstairs and a shopping mall with a movie theater & restaurants upstairs. We ate at Uno's 2 nights. Which we wouldn't recommend. The first night we were so exhausted and hungry we don't even remember eating. Two nights later we ate there again and it was terrible. Both nights our service was terrible too.
We just LOVE Uno's here at home. We had our wedding rehearsal dinner and Katie's 2nd Birthday party at the Uno's in San Diego.
But the Washington DC location wasn't good at all. I had salmon that was terrible. The pizza was so-so.

All 3 days we walked from our Hotel to Capitol Hill, the Mall, Memorials & Smithsonian Museums. We were able to walk to Union Station.
We found that the cabs were very expensive. After walking all day we cabbed back from the Lincoln Memorial and it was $20. Yikes!

The staff was hands off. We didn't need anything and they didn't bother us. We came and went easily. The bell capitans out front were always very friendly.
The maitre d for the Art & Soul restaurant was very courteous, friendly and helpful.

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