Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Flying to Washington, D.C. from California

We flew on Jet Blue and we were very happy with the flights. They had sodas, water, etc. and I really liked the Arizona lemon Iced Tea.
There were Terra Blue chips, Dorito Mix, cookies, biscotti and animal cookies for the snacks. You could have as many as you wanted for free.
Everyone had their own TV to watch with live DirectTV channels... there were a lot of channels to choose from. CNN, Weather Channel, 4 sports ESPN channels. The kids liked checking the "where are you now on the Map of the USA" channel. The kids watched Nick, Cartoon channel, USA, A&E. I watched Bravo, and then Bonnie Hunt & Ellen's shows.
The flight to the East Coast went quick. I always wondered how celebrities did it and felt it was doable.
However, on the flights home, it seemed to go on forever. When I felt we should be getting close, we were not even half way through our 5 hour 17 minute flight. Coming home I didn't enjoy it as much as going and the hours seemed to drag on.
We almost had a delay to leave out of New York airport when they needed to replace the plane's starter. They warned us it would be 45 minutes, but it was barely 10 minutes. Because of the delay, the normally $5 movies were free for the flight. There were 3 to pick from and there was time to watch 2. I didn't watch any of them - Hancock, Meet Dave & Love Guru.

Here are pics from the 2nd flight NYC to Washington DC.
Katie took the pics of the coast of NY as we left.

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