Friday, January 30, 2009

Cabrillo Monument Field Trip

As bad as the last trip was to the Point Loma Lighthouse .... today was GREAT!!!
The movie was pretty good. I had no idea about all of the Spanish explorers, conquistadors. I couldn't keep up with the narrator and all of the names of the sea Captains, their ships, the cities they left from, the cities they went to in Mexico and the Kings of the time.
A whole new area of History to add to a long - long list.
Of course there were a LOT of spanish names, way too many to remember, especially for the kids or me for that matter.
But the gist of exploring North from Mexico city was very interesting.

The irony is that we had the SAME Park Ranger lady that turned us down last time. Whoa!
She was quite nice this time! She did a great presentation and was really good with the kids.

Except at the very beginning where she wanted them to all walk in a straight line... which they did and it was hilarious
to me.

I feel like such a non-conformist, rebel.... why make kids walk in a straight line???
Oh well. The kids were awesome, like trained soldiers. he he I had to take a picture!!

See just above Katie's head (in the pink) there is some land (brown) jutting out into
the bay. They believe that this is the bit of land that Cabrillo and his men landed on
when they came to (now called) San Diego Bay.

So as bad as we felt last time, this time makes up for it and we had a good time.
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