Thursday, January 08, 2009

Field trip to Cabrillo Monument

Field trip to Cabrillo Monument in Point Loma.

The lighthouse up on the hill covered in foggy mist.

ewwww. It is so cloudy and smoggy and overcast that we can't even see downtown
or the inland areas of San Diego today.

Derek noticed this HEART shaped cactus. So cute.

This was supposed to be a field trip, arranged by a homeschool mom,
to learn about the Lighthouse and the family that lived out there in the 1850's.
However, it was geared towards 2nd graders. Which we knew, but she had said that if you had kids a year or two before or after it would be fine. When the Park Ranger came out she asked for the 2nd graders to form a group.
Well there were about 10 families there with over 24 kids and none were really 2nd graders. Which we honestly admitted up front.
She wouldn't take any other kids that were not 2nd grade.

We tried to explain that we were all there, standing in front of her, eager and ready to learn..... nope, she says she's been there 8 years and tried it before and it just doesn't work. Her prepared paperwork and speech was for 2nd grade "State Standards" We tried to explain that we were homeschoolers, many of us unschoolers, we don't follow "state standards" by grade levels and our kids study subjects like science and history together no matter what their age.
She just walked away.
Well OK there.

It turned out OK. We looked around the lighthouse and then went to see a movie about whales.
I don't recommend that movie though........... I'm afraid I was NOT impressed.
The movie spent a long time about the mother whale in labor and trying to have the baby.
They don't show the whale being born just "here it is".
The filming is quite old. Not very good quality.
Then they moved onto the mating season.
Quite a few minutes are spent on the males searching out the females and the mating information.
Then it gets very dramatic when 3 males are trying to mate with the
new mother whale and almost drown the new baby whale.
A little more than I was hoping the children would see.

There are other movies i hope are better. One about Cabrillo and one about the tide pools.
We are coming back in a couple weeks to hear about Cabrillo and see the movie.
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