Saturday, January 03, 2009

Dinosaur Birthday Cake

I volunteered to make Thomas' 4th Birthday cake.
I asked what he wanted..... Dinosaur.... a T-Rex! Luckily I already had the cake pan for my 2 boys. Here's the baked cakes... I made the extra flat cake in case the formed cake was a disaster and I needed a plan B backup cake. I was going to carve a flat T-Rex shape. But you'll see that the cake works out. The 2nd cake was covered w/ chocolate frosting and came in handy for the parents & siblings at the party. Plus we got to take home some leftovers. My family was happy. It was pure torture to bake 2 cakes and they didn't know if they would get any more than a slice of one of them.

This is the Wilton cake pan. It's from like 1999 and not sold anymore.
I used the reverse like this to lay out the rolled out fondant and shape it and cut it to fit the cake.

Photo credit: James. Me coloring the white fondant with dark green gel coloring. Use lots of powdered sugar so it
doesn't stick to the counter or your hands.Posted by Picasa

The finished result. Derek helped make the teeth. Katie made the driver's head.

I said "It's Mr. Bill". The kids said "Who?"

The birthday boy was very happy with his Dinosaur cake.

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