Wednesday, February 18, 2009

On the way to Ski

View of the mountain snow from the freeway in Redlands, Ca.

Stopping to put on chains picture.
There was a place to pull over and put on chains. A man in a snowsuit and orange vest came right up to us
and said, "Hey Mr. Denali" (bet he thought we were rich just because we drive a GMC Denali, Ha ha! no money here - just 3 kids)
His sign said $10 to put on chains. Geoff said NO thanks.
Then he said OK how much? The man said, "For you $30."
Geoff says '"NO thanks". Then after struggling with our chains for a while... laying them out, me backing up and pulling forward a couple times.... The vest guy asks if our truck is 4 wheel drive. Yes it is.....
Well, he says you'll be OK on the roads without chains. Why didn't he say that at the beginning? He was hoping for $30, I"m sure.

The kids had fun on the pile of snow while we tried to put on the chains.

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