Tuesday, February 17, 2009

what's for dinner

Caught the Martha Stewart show today and saw this: Roasted Chicken and Vegetables

While Katie was at Little Flowers and James was at Boys' Club
Derek & I went to the market for fresh veggies and bought the ingredients.

I used button mushrooms instead - that's all they had today.
It turned out OK. The chicken was a little dry and I think I used too big a roasting pan.

I want to cook, I try to cook, my kids abhor the idea.

My dear husband thinks he is allergic to mushrooms so that may have been cruel of
me to make a dinner based on them. He skipped them and boldly ate the
squash (I think) and the chicken.

I also made quinoa. Derek really liked it. Hallelujah.
Geoff made chinese yellow mustard paste and drizzled it on top to eat it. Hmmmm, not sure his true feelings.
Derek ate Katie's quinoa and She fed her chicken to the dog.
I think James ate the chicken only.

Next we'll try the Green Beans & Pine nuts they made on the show.

And Derek & I bought Brussel Sprouts. I have NEVER made them Ever!
But I found "THE Best Brussels Sprout recipe" on The Vegan Lunch Box blog.

I'm working on being vegetarian. Which I've wanted to do for probably 13 years.
If you look in my cookbook collection......... I look like a vegetarian that does food combining.
But am I?? NOPE
Granted we don't eat meat every meal, and I try new veggie meals all of the time.
But serious effort is being made over here in my kitchen.
I'd even like to move into being vegan. Giving up milk, cheese & eggs.
Actually I think I may have become lactose intolerant and I've cut back on the milk.

IF you want to read the most HILARIOUS book (yes there are bad words in it; namely the f word and more) you have to read "Skinny Bitch".
See even the title is bad.
I laughed out loud and was cracked up. Most of the book is totally serious. Talking serious about how animals are treated so badly and how contaminated their food is, making the animals contaminated and thus their milk & eggs also full of poisons, chemicals and gross deadly stuff.
I've read most everything in this book before but they make it personal with their real look at things and their curt language.

Since I read SB I've been looking through my vegetarian cookbooks, a bunch of online sites and I ordered vegan books from the library.

I checked out an Italian food vegan cookbook a couple months ago and I just reserved it again because it is really good... . "Vegan Italiano" by Donna Klein.

I also got "Students Go Vegan" cookbook. by Raymond.

(I can't do underlining in blogger? So I have to put book titles in quotes)

A Cute website I like to check out is www.veganlunchbox.com. Its a mom and her adventures w/ a boy and a hubby that won't give up meat. She wrote a book - "Vegan Lunchbox".
It is on backorder @ library. Hopefully I'll get to see it soon.

Back in October I saw those videos of the poor animals on www.GoVeg.com when we were deciding on voting for Prop 2. I was the one voting, but I did research with the kids so they would understand why and how I chose my vote. Oprah did a few shows with Lisa Ling on the treatment of animals on farms too.

I have thought that cow's milk is for baby cows, not people, for a long time.
When James was born his birth mother said she was lactose intolerant and the didn't keep the formula down very well at the hospital. So I was very happy to switch him to soy based formula.
My other two I was able to breast feed for over 2 years. After breastmilk I gave both of them soy milk for a long time, and then eventually they moved to milk and that's what we have in the fridge. We've been going through a lot of it lately. I don't know how becasue only Derek drinks it, but I think he makes his chocolate syrup with some milk in there. Katie doesn't drink it and James rarely does either. None of them put it on their cereal. Only Geoff & I do that. But I have started drinking a lot of Lattes.
SO this week I got soymilk at the market and have my lattes made with that instead.

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