Thursday, September 11, 2008

mom what's in that box for 25 cents?

Well this goes right along with my post yesterday.
I took the kids shopping for shoes. In the middle of the looking, Derek had to go to the bathroom.
As we are drying our hands and he says, loudly, "Mom what's in that metal box that costs 25 cents?"
I just had to hold in my laugh.
I actually had thought he would ask me that the other day when we were in and out of bathrooms at Disneyland and I thought I might have to use one..... and how was I going to explain that????

I waited until we were out the door and told him in a whisper, "sometimes mommies need some extra wipes in the bathroom and that is where you can buy them."
Hopefully that explanation will hold him for a long time, he's only 5.

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